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Posted on: November 8, 2010 12:06 pm

Chargers 4-5 after 9 weeks

Sorry that I have not posted for the last couple of weeks.  The Chargers were still losing games and doing it in the same fashion all year long with those mental mistakes.  This does not bode well for a team looking for post season glory.  Everybody knows what is wrong in San Diego this year.  Injuries are making the journey even more difficult & that is what I will concentrate on this week.  
The offense is suffering the most injuries, especially in the wide receiving corps.  With this being said, there is no reason Phillip Rivers should even be putting up the numbers that he is this season.  The Chargers are throwing TD's to people from the practice squad.  That is not a good scenario when it comes to playoff time.  I hope the Chargers can get healthy by playoff time if they are able to pull out winning the division this year.  There will most likely not be any wild card teams coming from the AFC West this year, so win and your in.
What is up with Ryan Mathews?  I expected a slow start, but it seems that the man has been injured more this season than he has been on the field.  I know he is talented, but is he able to take the punishment that the NFL has to offer week in and week out?    It does not matter how good Mathews is if he can't stay on the field.  This makes me nervous.  Thankfully we have other guys in the backfield like Mike Tolbert.
Here is my bottom line.  Phillip Rivers is obviously the team MVP and in my opinion is making a case for the league MVP.  He is out there willing the Chargers to win games with no real weapons to speak of.  Rivers is making everybody on the offense better than what they currently are.  The man is a fiery competitor that has no quit in him.  If any Charger is to save this season, it will be Rivers and that improved defense that will make that happen.  
The Chargers still have a shot at winning the division.  This will not be an easy task this year & the Chargers need to take a hold of their destiny and win out.  They still have games against Oakland and Kansas City which will help bring the team back in the right direction with wins over our division rivals.
This week comes the bye and not too soon either.  This will give the Chargers some time to rest and get healthy for their 2 half of the season push for the playoffs.  It is now November, so let's see if recent Chargers history of playing in these last 2 months of football, brings the team back to being legitimate contenders for a title.
See you after week 11.
Go Chargers!!!
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