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Posted on: October 11, 2010 6:17 pm

Chargers 2-3 After 5 weeks again

Oh yes! Another year with Norv at the healm and the Chargers start off 2-3 again.  How is this even possible?  How can a team start off with the same record every year.  How do you do it Norv.
Well, being 2-3 sucks (although I am not making a big deal out of it this year).  We have been here been here a few times before.  The worst regular season of recent memory was the 2008 season when the Chargers won the division with an 8-8 record & would have never made it to the playoffs if not for a monumental meltdown by the hated Broncos.  What to do with this team?  It seems that they are a broken record.  Slow starts to the season every year, a run at the midway point of the year to make you think this team has a chance for the Lombardi Trophy, & finally a heartbreaking playoff loss that are full of penalties and boneheaded plays.  I am frustrated with this team and it seems that fans of this team are going to have another year of heartbreak if the trend stays the same as the last 4 years.
So we lost to Oakland after 7 long years.  I guess streaks are meant to be broken and give Oakland some credit, the felt the pain of this long dry spell and as a Chargers fan of 30 years, I can sympathize with them.  Does not mean I like the Raiders or their fans that much, but I can relate.  Here are some of the positives and negatives to take from what has occurred up through week 5.
  1. 0-2 within the division (Chargers need to win the rest of the division games for the rest of the year).
  2. 2-3 overall record (been there, done that).
  3. 0-3 on the road (if you can't win on the road, kiss the Lombardi trophy goodbye).
  4. -3 differential on turnover ratio (negative turnover ratio = losing season.  Just look at the 49ers who have -10 right now, they are    0-5).
  5. 3 touchdowns given up on special teams (1 TD and a 26.9 YPC return average on punts with 2 TD's & a 25.4 YPC average on kickoff returns).
  6. Red Zone production is down (if not for this area, I would not think that the offensive stats are bloated)  Passing yards and rushing yards are great and all, but I want to hear about TD's and Red Zone efficiency.
We are only 1 1/2 games behind in the division right now behind the Chiefs.  Oakland and Denver may not put up much of a fight this year.  Oakland with their QB problems and Denver with their injury problems.  The Chiefs are still young and inexperienced, but they are making progress in the right direction.
Now that we are 2-3 again, it is time for the Chargers to start their mid season surge towards the playoffs. Lets see if the Chargers can get their first road win in St. Louis against the lowly Rams this week.  Chargers will probably blow the Rams up since they play in a dome.
PredictionChargers 31 - Rams 16
Go Chargers!!!
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