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Last post for the year - Chargers out of it!!!

Posted on: December 5, 2010 7:13 pm
What is there to say.

Bigger, faster, stronger - yeah right.  Best Norv Turner team yet?  Don't think so!!!

Maybe it was too many injuries to the Chargers, but after watching them play Oakland today, it is obvious that the Chargers are incapable of playing smash mouth football.  For the Chargers to get beat down by the Raiders twice this season says it all.  A championship team does not lose to the same opponent twice in one season.  Saying that, my faith in the Chargers is gone for the year.  I don't see how they can make it into the playoffs with 6 losses.  I know that there is a month of football left, but a wild card is most likely not coming to the AFC west this year, and there is no reason that it should.  There are better teams out there that are more deserving.

This is hard for me to say being a life long Chargers fan, but I can't see it playing out any other way.  The Chiefs will win the division and congratulations to them.  I was sure they were going to be a team to deal with before the season started and they proved me right.  So the slow start every year finally caught up with the Chargers.  Had to happen sooner or later.  Just another disappointing season overall.  It is hard to follow this team year in and year out.  I guess I just love the punishment.  This is how the Chargers play at home when their playoff lives are at stake.

This is my last blog for the season regardless of what happens, maybe the last post for the next 1 1/2 if there is a lockout next season. Looks like it may be time to switch over to start watching my Lakers go for another championship run.  Football just hurts so bad sometimes & it would be great if the Chargers could just win one for the Gipper!!!  I am starting to feel that the Chargers will never celebrate a championship & why not when there have been teams that went over 100 years without a championship (like the Red Sox perhaps).

See you all next football season (whenever that may be).
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